About us

Sanovie operates in the import and distribution of products in the medical area. Our primary focus is making sure overseas partners have the chance to be commercialized in Brazil and in other Latin American Countries and, by creating a bridge between international suppliers and local consumers, Sanovie manages to integrate medical trade worldwide, finding solutions that will assist patient care as our end goal.

Our permanent concern with being up-to-date place us in the market with products of the highest standards and we are proud to display the most advanced technologies currently available in our portfolio; Our solid business partnerships allow us to be in touch with the latest updates in the field of bio-engineering and we are constantly tracking the market trends so we can offer the best possible products to our customers.

The healthcare area comprehends a wide range of products with various different purposes. Sanovie will make it easier for businesses worldwide to join the Brazilian and Latin American market. Where there is someone who wishes to improve people’s lives with innovative products, Sanovie will be there to provide that link.



Sanovie has consolidated its position in the market through the observance of the best commercial practices and through an ethical posture, which is mandatory in health care. Our transactions are transparent, as we show the utmost respect towards everyone involved in process. Sanovie is concerned with being up-to-date with the newest technologies in the medical area in its broad spectrum, in order to provide our customers with technological advancements for human health care and well-being.



Sanovie aims at strengthening the research and development of global business partnerships, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to best fit our customers’ needs at affordable prices.


Business Principles

Ever since our foundation, we have built our business under the certainty that, in order to have long-term success, we have to comply with all applicable legal requirements while making sure our activities are sustainable.

Not only do our internal rules require strict compliance with the law, but they also guide our actions even if the law is more lenient or where there is no applicable law at all, in which case we ensure law-abiding criteria are established so the procedures are effective.

Sanovie incorporated all ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and we are committed to following our Corporate Business Principles in all countries, taking into account local legislation, as well as cultural and religious practices.

Sanovie cares deeply about continually improving our corporate governance practices; we also invest permanently in order to promote solid and continuous growth by adopting and complying with sustainable policies. Sanovie will always keep a watchful eye to the most important link in this chain: the human being.

These will always be our permanent values.


Business development & Overseas business

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Phone: +55 41 3015-2697
Mobile: +55 41 99963-3060

Our Quality Policy

It consists of the strict observation of laws and regulations governing the management of quality within the health care area, in accordance to its governmental ordinances and regulatory agencies. Sanovie will always abide to the good practices which are inherent in the full exercise of the activities related to the import, storage, distribution and transport of hospital and medical suplies and correlated products.

Sanovie Cares About Environmental & Social Sustainability